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Stories/Columns by Jeanne are reprinted from various magazines including City-County Magazine, Alamance Magazine, SE gazette, Southern Lady Magazine and Our State Magazine.  We love for our clients to reprint them in their publications. Please make sure to credit Jeanne and the source and let us know so we can share on FB.   Thanks!
featuring monthly Jeanne stories!
A Thanksgiving Recipe

Trained Noticing Gets Inside Your Head

Help When You Least Expect It

Ya'll Need Some Help?

Just Saying...

...Especially in Stressful Times

Never, Ever Mess with the Ladies Auxiliary

Sheriff Andy Taylor is Right Again. Yes Sir!

Call it Like it Is!

Read, Learn & Remember!

Terms of Our Times

The Real Holiday Cheer

Another reason I like calling North Carolina
home . . .

August. Time to Think June?

Obey All Rules!

All Stacked Up..."you can't make it up."

Proud to be an American

Give 'Til It Hurt

Meet Treetop. You can't make "stuff" like this up.


"Young and Efficient" Meets "Old and Tired"

A Stranger Nails It


It's the Thought the Counts?

"Thuh Nashville People" and a Graham "Girl"

Trick or Treat

Perhaps I Wasn't Clear

It's All on Sale! Katy Bar the Door.


Don't Jump to Conclusions
Image result for pashmina black
That's a Wrap!

A Valid Question

Toothpick Art


Don't Hire a Hit Man

There's More than One Way to Skin a Cat

Cover your Bases!

Enjoy your days. As easy as one-two-three.

The “Priceless”
Valentine’s Gift

Family Fun???

Looking for J.F.

Young Entrepreneur Sparks Family Crisis

When will I learn?

It's August. It's hot.
Stay "cool".
(in more ways than one)

The Merch Director.
Ah, Youth..
Image result for city bus
Gotta Be A Better Way

Caps, Gowns &
Brown Paper Sacks!
Move it up a Tad

There's One on Every Corner

Grandma Freddie's Trip to the Holy Land

Have a milkshake stay cool!
Image result for rocking chair
This March Last March

Smoke Signals

Not as good as Mother

Don't Go to Vegas Without a Baptist

Sliver Alert

2016 Make a Statement

Christmas Surprise

Who's got the buttons?

From Fan to Fanatic

So grown up. And then...

Teenager in your life?

Clueless in NC!

Can't make it up!

When you walk through a storm…

Daddy's pride?
Can't top it!

Humor in Politics? Sure!

Stick with the Tiny Shampoos

Humor Wins in Overtime!
National Humor Month

Don't Bungee Jump Naked!

Help! I’m speaking and
I can’t shut up!

Kudos to the Old North State!
You go girl!

Have you heard the one about...

Here’s your reminder.
Mark your calendar!

Technology vs.
dusting erasers

A Split Decision

We Know It When
We See It

Idle Hands Devil’s Workshop

A New Year’s Resolution!

Looking back at 2012...
North Carolinian
Andy Griffith 1926-2012

Ho. Ho. Ho. Mer’ Ree’ Christmas.

They're Everywhere!

On your mark. Get set. Go! Y’all in?

Traveling Before High Tech

Relax, Moms. In most cases, they’re doing fine

 Gotta love people...
Even the Blunt and Grouchy

The baby’s got the hammer!

Keep your eyes on the prize!

The Customer is Always...

Back to School

Big Brother’s Not the Only One Watching

'Tis the Season!

Don't ask, he'll tell!

Big Brother?

Gotcha' Last!


Bonding with a sister...

Advice to Graduates

Mistaken Identity

You Call this Progress

The “Big Holiday Eating Season”

Men ... You've Got to Love them!

City of Brotherly Love ... and Advice

Get your hearing checked!

Welcome to Alamance County

The Trouble Between
Mothers and Daughters
Cowboy Hat

Make a Joyful Noise

Christmas Bike

Holiday Stuffing ...


Group Project

Mother made all of our...
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