Spare time? What spare time?
Speaks at White House
Jeanne Volunteers for White House Volunteers

The girls of �61: together through thick and thin

When these ladies were classmates at Graham High School, the most scandalous mischief they or their classmates got into involved chewing gum in class, smoking cigarettes, dragging Main Street, and (worst of all) drinking beer. more

Bums with buddies at the beach.

Becoming friends with the spouses and staff of other professional speakers is one of the neat "perks" of professional speaking.  Six "speaker-related" women buddies gather on the pier at North Myrtle Beach.  (l-r) Toni Meredith, Margaret Walker, JudyBabe Townsend, Jeanne, Merrilyn Henry and Jo Beach.

Spends time with her family
Jeanne and husband Jerry ("LB") with son Beaver, daughter-in-law Dayna and grandsons Gray and Ryder at dedication of the Elon University Track and Field.

Delivers Elon University commencement address
and has a ball! 

Elon held its 115th Commencement exercises
Elon University awarded 953 degrees during its 115th Commencement exercises, held under the oaks on campus May 21.  more



Hangs out with her buddies

�Our Guest�

�Abby, I�d like you to meet my guest so and so.� It seems like I hear that phrase daily from Ocean Club neighbors when I walk around our luscious green grounds. I usually don�t remember the name of the person I am meeting but the word �guest� sticks with me. Here a guest, there a guest, everywhere a ...more

New York City

Jeanne and her friend Jane Tucker from New York City (Yes, of body suit and  Pashmina fame) visit The Gates in Central Park.

Supports Elon University
Jeanne and her husband Jerry are avid fans of their alma maters, Auburn and Duke respectively. But they are also fans and supporters of Elon University, located in their home county. Members of the Elon Athletics Foundation since 1984 and parents of a former Elon athlete, they recently pulled a big surprise on good friends when they named part of the new Track and Field complex in their honor.  full story

Judges the Miss America Pageant
Jeanne was in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for nine days in October, 2000, to serve as a preliminary judge to select Miss America 2001. You may have seen her the nano second she was on national TV. Before she left, her son advised, "Mom, don't go. You're not going to win!"
All work and "no play" make Jeanne a dull speaker...
Therefore Jeanne stopped giving speeches from Thanksgiving, 2000, until the second week of January, 2001, to appear in the play "Legends" by James Kirkwood.

"Legends" was performed at the Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC. The production is a project of the Alamance Arts Council in association with CenterStage Productions and was directed by Jeffrey Blair Cornell of UNC-CH.

Labor Day weekend, 2005, she walked in the Rock 'N' Roll 1/2 Marathon at Virginia Beach with her son Beaver. She fell at mile 8.5 in front of her grandchildren Ryder and Gray, daughter-in-law Dayna and husband Left Brain - and a thousand other spectators.   (Small crowd for a speaker.)   Knocked the caps off her teeth, broke several ribs and almost knocked herself out. The black eye popped up immediately.  The photo is not pretty but she still finished in under three hours.  Two hours, 58 minutes, 46 seconds to be exact.  But who's counting?  :)  

In 2003,
she powered walked the Rock 'n Roll half marathon in Virginia Beach on Labor Day, finishing in 2 hr. 54 minutes.

published with permission

Jeanne goes to Disney World!
With no track experience, Jeanne walked in a half marathon in September, 2000. Why? Well, this physical education major and former coach has found that the only way to stay in shape "on the road" giving speeches is to walk, and walk, and walk. After years of walking in cities all over the country, she needed a goal.  In February, 2000, she started training for a marathon.  That September, she completed the half marathon in the Carrabba's Classic in Raleigh, NC in 2 hours & 48 minutes. Hey, give her a break, she was 57 years old at the time.   In February,  2001 she met her goal and power walked the Myrtle Beach Marathon in 6 hours 20 minutes 35 seconds!  And then? Jeanne wanted to go to Disney World and she did!  She power walked the Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando in 6 hours, 3 minutes, 5 seconds on January 6, 2002! 

Jeanne in the Walt Disney World Marathon January, 2002
published with permission

Jeanne and buddy Abby after Myrtle Beach Marathon 
26.2 miles

Jeanne & friend Margaret Parham after 1/2
marathon: 13.1 miles