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Jeanne Robertson is a funny, funny speaker, but her presentations do more than make people laugh. All of her programs revolve around some aspect of developing a sense of humor such as learning to laugh at ourselves or seeing the humor in stressful situations.

With the numerous challenges your organization is facing today, a sense of humor might be just the edge your people need. Whether you ask Jeanne to tie her topic of humor into issues of leadership, change, customer service, team building, technology, life balance, aging, diversity or people skills, she can do it because she believes that a sense of humor plays an important role in all areas. Your people will laugh and learn as they gain a fresh perspective on using a sense of humor as part of a strategy for success.

Questions about Jeanne's speeches...& Answers!

What speeches are available?
This is a little "different" but here it is: 
Jeanne Robertson has no "automatic speech." What she has is a large supply of original material that increases every year. (She has released six full-length CDs/DVDs in the last eleven years - each chocked full of stories she
uses in her presentations.)  First she listens to what you want her to accomplish in her session. Then she pulls
from her vast supply of personal stories to put together the right speech for your occasion. In other words, she knows what she's doing. In fact, Jeanne turns down as many speeches as she books because she wants to make
sure that she is right for every event at which she speaks. 

Are you saying that there isn't a list of Jeanne's speeches?
That's what we're saying.   It just doesn't work that way. With Jeanne, there is no speech #1, speech #2, etc.,
because she is able to fill so many slots during a meeting. One meeting planner may ask for a thirty-minute
after-dinner presentation with very little message while the next one requests an hour keynote with steps to developing a sense of humor. Some material is perfect for an audience of all women at an hospital event, for example, while other stories work better for a mixed group of computer software users. Some planning
committees want audience participation while others do not.

Jeanne finds out the specifics of the program and plans what material she will use. Then she keeps records
of what material she tells where so that if she returns she will not repeat stories. It keeps Jeanne on her toes
and her speeches fresh. 

Let me get this straight. I don't book a certain speech? 
No, you book a speaker - Jeanne Robertson. Her most used speech titles are listed on the "presentations" page,
but the material that makes up each program depends on the goal of the meeting planner or planning committee, the makeup of the audience, what material she may have used in an earlier speech for you and the session where you want to use her, i.e., keynote, concurrent session, meal function, general session or partner program.

Jeanne's overall topic - humor - remains the same. Her material changes. If you hear her and want that particular material for your group, she checks her records and makes sure to repeat those stories. Every speech is truly
tailored to the needs of the occasion for a guaranteed positive impact.

But there are speech titles…
That said, the speech titles and promotional blurbs most often used are listed elsewhere under "presentations." 
But again let us state that the material Jeanne selects to use under each of these titles will change according to
the speaking slot - keynote, luncheon, general session, banquet, partners program, concurrent session, etc.,
the makeup of the audience and goals of the meeting planner. In addition, Jeanne likes to craft a speech title
that ties in with your meeting. 

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