Jeanne's Easy Shopping Humor Store most often asked questions!

Q: If I purchase one of the "Specials"  for gifts, will you mail them to the people I'm giving them to or to me?
A: Whatever you want us to do. If you're giving the products to friends in your town, you may want us to send them all to you. If you want the products different places -- within the U.S. -- we'll be happy to do so and enclose a note that the gift is from you.

Q: Will Jeanne autograph the CDs/DVDs?
A: Absolutely! She will autograph DVDs when she is in town if you request her to do so.

Q: If I order the "Specials" or several copies of the product, will Jeanne autograph them to different people?
A: She will be happy to. Just let us know the names -- or if you just want them autographed generically -- and she'll do it!

Q: How long does it take to get the DVD's?
A: DVDs and CDs are not autographed unless specifically requested. Therefore, they are usually shipped within forty-eight hours of receiving your order, sometime sooner depending on the day of the week.

Q. If I'm running behind and need a gift ASAP, what do I do?
A: Call 800-962-6268 and talk to Toni.

Q. Which is the funniest program?
A: They are all funny and feature completely different stories. If you are looking for several stories in particular, please go to each item and click on "View Stories."   

Q. If I buy a large number of items, will I get a better price?
A. Oh, we love to sell large numbers. For orders of fifteen items or more of any item, call Toni at 800-962-6268.

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