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What Jeanne will do for your event:

Jeanne's presentations will be a breather in the day where people can laugh as they learn. She tells funny, original stories that do more than elicit laughter. It is laughter with a point, clean and respectful. As audiences are holding their sides and wiping tears from their faces, Jeanne is tying in her message with the theme of your meeting or the challenges your organization is facing. Jeanne asserts that a sense of humor can get your organization through the challenges.

Jeanne's main topic is humor.  Sometimes she just delivers it.  Other times she uses it to explain how to develop a sense of humor in working with people. What she will specifically do for you depends on the slot you select for her to fill.  Put her in the opening keynote and she'll start your meeting off on a humor high while she imparts her important message about developing a sense of humor that is an asset. She will set the tone for what's to come.  For concurrent sessions, Jeanne outlines the steps to developing a sense of humor that will prove to be an asset.  For luncheon or banquet slots she'll deliver mostly humor with a slight message.  In the closing general session, she'll send your attendees home happy and glad that they stayed until the end. 

If you want a lot of heavy duty information, full of serious content, Jeanne is not the speaker you'll want to book.  In the right slot, she's dynamite and will be able to achieve her goal for every speech: to make the meeting planner look good. 

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