We provide this one page introduction for your convenience.  It sets the stage for Jeanne to poke fun for a few minutes at her "pageant days" and let's the introducer shine with a little humor.  Feel free to check Jeanne's bio and write a different introduction if you prefer.  Jeanne may interrupt the introducer at one point -- just for fun.
(Pronounced as "Genie")

Our speaker today is Jeanne Robertson from Burlington, NC.  Jeanne was Miss North Carolina in 1963, and competed in the Miss America Pageant where she was named Miss Congeniality.  A graduate of Auburn University, Jeanne taught physical education and coached basketball for nine years before going into professional speaking on a full-time basis in 1976. 
Jeanne served as President of the National Speakers Association and is a recipient of that organization's most prestigious honor, "The Cavett Award," given for long-term contributions to the speaking profession.  She was the first woman to receive this honor.   She also has been honored with Toastmasters International's "Golden Gavel Award," presented annually to one individual  for achievement in communications and leadership. 

While Jeanne is a humorous speaker, she takes quite seriously the business of being a professional speaker.  Her business skills were recognized by the Southeastern Conference when it named Jeanne Auburn University's Woman Entrepreneur
of the year 2000.  

The North Carolina Press Association named Jeanne the North Carolinian of the Year 2001.   And... the National Speakers Association honored Jeanne with its 2010 Master of Influence Award.
Jeanne has produced nine DVD / CD humor programs and can be heard daily on Sirius XM satellite radio's family comedy channels. This lets millions nationwide know she speaks two languages fluently: English . . .  and Southern.  Ladies and gentlemen  . . .  Jeanne Robertson.
                                            ("Cavett" is pronounced as it is in Dick Cavett.)