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Dumping Ground? Well, sure. Every web site needs one. A place to put all the tidbits that don't warrant a whole big section but answer a lot of questions people seem to ask. In Jeanne's case, typical questions are:
Who is Toni?
What is a "Platform Professional?"
Who is LB? 
Where does Jeanne get her material?
What does Jeanne do in her spare time?
What in the world does Jeanne do to relax?
44+ million views on YouTube
She's Man of the Year!
You get the idea. Click each of these sections for the answers.

A Platform Professional!
Jeanne is a Platform Professional. OK. What does that mean?

Platform Professionals was formed in 1976 by four speakers who had the same standards and philosophy of providing clean humor and the highest quality entertainment with a tailored message. Its purpose was, and still is, to provide meeting planners with a continuing source of professional speakers who specialize in captivating audiences with the perfect combination of message and humor. Dependability and experience are key factors in selecting members of this unique networking organization. The theory is that if a meeting planner uses one of them, he/she will have a similar quality performer for that slot for several years straight - and then have the option of starting over.

Today, the seven current members of the Platform Professionals have all earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association and have been inducted into the prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. Two have served as president of the National Speakers Association and three have been presented the Cavett Award, the highest honor in their profession. They maintain offices in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, OK and Texas. And they are what their name promises, Platform Professionals.
Who is LB?
"Leftbrain," or "LB" as Jeanne lovingly refers to him, is her husband Jerry. Jerry plays an active role in Jeanne's business when he is not playing golf, badminton, table tennis or tennis. He is in charge of areas such as the computer, finances, shipping books and tapes, picking up office supplies and other leftbrain tasks. Please understand. Jeanne and LB have a great relationship. He is happy to do any and all of these tasks and others as long as he still has time to play golf. Several times a month he travels with Jeanne to speeches, usually the ones at golf resorts. He especially likes Hawaii. :)
Where does Jeanne get her material?
Jeanne is well known among speakers, meeting planners and audiences for creating her own material from her life experiences. In her book, Don't Let the Funny Stuff Get Away, she shares her system for gathering so much material. It's must reading for anyone who makes presentations.

What does Jeanne do in her spare time?

Appears at Grand Ole Opry

Attends 75th Anniversary of Miss NC Pageant
Speaks at White House
Tours White House with LB and Toni
Rafts down the Colorado River
Bums with buddies at the beach
Raises relief  funds for hurricane victims  
Hangs out with her buddies!
The girls of 61: together through thick and thin
    Abby Rose
    Attends Club '61"meetings" - life insurance

    Jane Tucker
Speaks at Elon Commencement and has a ball!
Opens a museum exhibit

Crowns Miss NC
Adds books to Graham Library
Receives 2003 Woman of Achievement Award
Spends time with her family

Supports Elon University Read E-Net online...
   Alan White Bell Tower Dedication
 Delivers Elon University commencement address
   Impromptu dedication honors Whites
Judges Miss America    
Appears in a play    

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