Cowboy Hat

A routine commuter flight changed into something more when an attractive, college-aged young woman exited through the plane door. Her attire included a black cowboy hat with a feather, cowboy boots and an extremely short skirt. (The ”extremely short” assessment may be my age writing.) The baggage handlers working the flight cut their eyes in her direction as she started down the steps. One of them dropped a duffle bag.

Suddenly the wind pulled the black hat off the beauty’s head and sent it to the tarmac at the bottom of the steps. Before she could get to it, a stronger gust picked it up and sent it tumbling away.

Finally on solid ground, the passenger took off in the direction of her hat, but airline personnel quickly stopped her and escorted her back to safety, hatless.

Seconds later, a muscular, good-looking “hunk” of a guy in the ground crew, came walking up, grinning, hat in hand. She was so grateful that she flung her arms around his neck and then kissed him on the cheek, bringing hoots and whistles from his buddies and smiles from other passengers.

Not to be outdone, the rescuer suddenly dipped her backwards and laid a big kiss right on her mouth. It reminded me of the famous Times Square photo of the sailor and nurse when World War II ended. Apparently, the nurse hadn’t minded and neither did this passenger. Louder hoots and hollers arose from all. Several applauded.

A woman my age, standing next to me, whispered, “I’ll think I’ll drop my purse and see if I can get him over here.”

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