You Call this Progress!
By Jeanne Robertson

The word "progress" certainly seems to get people excited. Like most things though, it has a downside. Now, take the computer, and many people wish you would. It offers all sorts of high tech advantages but let this be a warning, it sure makes it easy for a "big brother" to happen.

My secretary Toni bounded into the office early one Monday morning and wanted to know how long I planned to be on a diet.

What in the world? How did she know I was dieting?

Sandra, down at Global Travel told her, she explained.

"Sandra? At Global Travel?"

"Yep, Delta Air Lines told Sandra."

Gigantic conglomerate Delta Airlines tells my travel agent who tells my secretary that I am on a diet? And how did Delta know?

There is always an explanation and this time it could be attributed to 
what would have to be called "progress." Toni had whipped by Global Travel that morning to pick up a ticket. When Sandra pulled up my record in the computer, she saw that the night before I had changed all my Delta airline meals for that week to salads, and figured it was because I was dieting. She told my secretary. My secretary asked me.

Alright, I'm dieting. Put it on the World Wide Web!

Stuff like this leads me to agree with the man who bought his first computer and bargained for a thirty-day trial period. If it didn't work out, he could return it in a month. After fifteen days, he called the company and asked two things: (1) Did he have to keep it for thirty days? and (2) did he have to
return it in one piece?

Progress. Humph!

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Photo by Kleeberg Studio