Group Project
By Jeanne Robertson

Among the passengers on one of her flights, an airline flight attendant told me, was a lady with a small boy and girl in tow. Shortly before lunch was to be served, the lady and her charges visited the lavatories in the rear of the cabin. The lady sent the little boy into one of the rest rooms and accompanied the little girl into the other one.

The little boy finished his work, left the lavatory, and headed back to his
seat. An elderly man, who had been waiting, went into the cubicle the little boy had vacated.

In a moment or so, the woman and the little girl came out of the other
lavatory. The woman, thinking the little boy was still engaged, rapped
sharply on the door across the aisle and said, "When you're finished,
don't forget to zip your pants."

In a few moments, the elderly man emerged, stopped by the flight attendant and said, "Thanks, Miss. When you get old, you forget sometimes, and it's nice of the airline to have you remind us."

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Photo by Kleeberg Studio.