Advice to Graduates
By Jeanne Robertson

Graduating seniors will hear a hodgepodge of advice this month from an array of speakers. I'll add my two cents worth here. The first rule for success?  Show up.

I checked into the hotel in Casper, Wyoming, after a long trip, and
immediately called room service. It was the middle of the afternoon, 
and I feared the restaurant was closed. A young-sounding male voice answered. "Do you have baked potatoes this time of the day?" I inquired, figuring like most places they did not. His answer surprised me. "Not usually, but I'm the executive chef. I can get you a baked potato if you want it."

Within thirty minutes, he delivered my order and couldn't have been 
much older than twenty. "How does one get to be an executive chef at your age?" I asked.

"You get to be executive chef," he explained, putting my tray down, 
"when three people don't show up for work."

Sometimes, it's as simple as that.

Jeanne Robertson, professional speaker and author, can be reached through
Photo by Kleeberg Studio