What does Jeanne do in her spare time?

( *It's called "life" insurance because if you don't go the meetings, yours could be ruined.)

                                        Make new friends but keep the old ...
            especially when the "old" act young and know a whole lot about you.

Once a month the "girls" in Jeanne's Graham High School Class of 1961 meet for "Club '61" dinner and fun. Occasionally, Jeanne is out of town speaking and can't attend, but if in town, she wouldn't miss it for the world. It's like Vegas. What happened in high school ... stays in high school. Unless you fail to come to the Club '61 dinners. Some of the members have nicknames from waaaaay back. A few don't have nicknames ... yet. But hey, there's still plenty of time. They're young.

  Some of the members of Club '61 at a recent "meeting":
(l-r) Seated: Anna Bennett Rainey and Johnnie Jean Stephens.
Standing, second & third rows: Nancy Ann "Rat" Scott, Katherine "Kat" Turner; Linda "Sykesie" Stewart; Sally Compton Horner; Judy Andrews Ward, Club '61 founder Gloria "Cootie" Martin
(mouth hidden but surely open) and Linda Wright Cook.
Center, back row, as usual: Jeanne
Swanner Robertson
(Nickname kept secret because it's her website. )