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The meetin’ ain’t over ‘til the tall lady speaks!

Wish we could take credit for that line, but we can’t. We took it straight from our Super Session presenter’s Web site. Best of all — it’s true!

Jeanne Robertson is one of America’s most sought-after speakers today. Or maybe we should say one of America’s most “looked up to” speakers. Because everybody does look up to her!

“Jeanne is six-feet-two in her bare feet, but that’s beside the point. She is a dynamic speaker who will have our delegates falling out of their chairs with laughter,” said conference vice president Teresa Burton. “We had Jeanne speak to our group almost 10 years ago, and I can honestly say we’ve never had a speaker connect any better with our audience than Jeanne did.”

A former Miss North Carolina and Miss Congeniality winner at the Miss America pageant, Jeanne takes life experiences and turns them into some of the most hilarious observations you’ll ever hear. But there is a message there. In fact, enough of a message that her home state named her its 2001 North Carolinian of the Year. And CBS correspondent Morley Safer interviewed Robertson for a segment of 60 Minutes.

Robertson is scheduled to speak at the opening session on the afternoon of Feb. 7 in Milwaukee. It is a session not to be missed.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal had to say about Jeanne’s speaking prowess:

“Tired of snoozing through convention speeches? Maybe your convention would rather hear Jeanne Robertson, a former Miss America contender joke about the perils of being six-feet-two.”

“I’m personally inviting every banker who has ever attended our BankTravel Conference to come back this year to Milwaukee and join us for Jeanne’s presentation — it’s that good!” said conference co-founder Charlie Presley. “She is absolutely top drawer in our book!”

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