It Was More Fun Traveling Before High Tech

The flight to Little Rock was pre-Blackberry, iPhone and all the rest of them. Directions and information weren’t instantly available by moving your thumbs around, and as we approached the airport, I could hear two flight attendants discussing where they wanted to eat dinner that night. They had heard of a restaurant called Cajun’s Wharf but didn't know where it was located. A nearby passenger chimed in that he had heard it was great, but he couldn't help them with directions. Realizing the passengers near them had overheard their conversation, the attendants looked from one to another of us, eyebrows arched in question. When they looked at me, I shrugged and mouthed, “Not from here.” I could have told them where to get good barbecue in North Carolina but we were landing in Arkansas. They asked several other people for the information to no avail.

Finally, one of the flight attendants clicked on the intercom and said, "Attention, ladies and gentlemen. If anyone on board knows the location of the restaurant in Little Rock named Cajun’s Wharf, please raise your hand." People chuckled and several hands shot up. "Thank you," she said, and proceeded up the aisle to get the information.

A woman in the row behind me touched the attendant on the arm when she passed and said, "Excuse me, Miss, but would you mind asking if anybody knows the name of a clean, cheap motel?"
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