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Hey, everybody.

I've just uploaded "Don't let the funny stuff get away" as an e-book and I want to add this footnote right in the beginning.

"Funny Stuff" is a little book I wrote in 1998 to explain my system for finding/creating humorous material for speeches. Specifically, stories from my life experiences. It's out of print but I continue to receive requests for the system. When I recently explained what my professional speaker buddies have dubbed the "Jeanne's Journal System" at a meeting of the Denver Chapter of the National Speakers Association, they asked why I hadn't put it up as an e-book. I didn't have a good answer other than "That's a good idea." So . . . .

Now the disclaimer: "Funny Stuff" was written to be an aid to others who need a large supply of original (albeit stretched from time to time) stories. It is not specifically a book for those who enjoy hearing me tell stories from the stage or on CDs/DVDs. That's why it's listed here rather than in my Humor Store on this website. Simply put, I don't want you to purchase something that is mostly informative when what you want is entertainment.

That said, professional speakers, Toastmasters, ministers, columnists, etc. I think you'll get plenty of good information for your investment. At the least, it will lead you to develop your own system. And ... everyone in the Denver chapter had better buy a copy $9.99 :)

Keep 'em Laughing!

Don't Let the Funny Stuff Get Away $9.99
Turn Everyday Experiences Into Stories That Audiences Will Remember! [Kindle Edition]

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