Jeanne and husband Jerry (aka, "Leftbrain") - and 28 now very good friends - spent eight days whitewater rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in August, '06.    Under the direction of Diamond River Adventures, the group rafted 247 miles, slept on the ground in small tents, ate great food prepared by their guides and rode through every whitewater rapids without losing a person.   Now the big question:  Will what happened on the rafting trip stay on the rafting trip?  Not a chance!  Jeanne quickly turned the adventure into humorous material for speeches. Her hilarious story about the trip is found on "Flat-Out Funny."    Photo below shows Jeanne when she had to be rescued, eventually by Tab King.  "Nothing's too good for the man what saved my life."  
The entire group, l to r:
Front row:  Guides Matt  Banniser, Amy Callaway and "Sparky" Plasman 
2nd row:  Robert Tucker, Mary Slade, Anna Beth Simmons,  Jim Finch, Jannette Finch King and guide Chrissy Kennedy
3rd row:  Joe Slade,  Sharon King, Glenna Salsbury, Margaret Parham  (peeking through),  Brenda Sheets, Margaret Walker, Al Walker, Janna King
Last row: Tab King, Charles Pulliam,  Eric Tannery, Linda Pulliam, Susan Tannery, Tom Parham,  Mark Sanborn, Tom Sheets, Glen Jacobus, Cindy Jacobus,  Jerry Robertson, Jeanne, and Roy Simmons.

Jeanne sliding down a rock