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Note from Jeanne:

People often ask: "What do you do to relax?" The truth is, when I'm truly worn out from traveling and yes, even speaking, I just "fallout" somewhere and listen to "Rachel's Song." Not on a sidewalk or at a basketball game, but just give me a bed or a sofa or even a big ol' chair to sink into so I can turn on "Rachel's Song" and I truly relax. It even helps on airplanes when a child behind me kicks the back of my seat over and over and ... :) Apparently, I'm not the only one who loves this song and all the instrumental music composed by David Combs and performed by Gary Prim.

To read the Guideposts story about " Rachel's Song" and to hear 30 seconds of it, go to It's a fascinating story.

To purchase the entire CD click here. To download single songs click here.
But please know, I have no financial interest in you doing so. I have met the composer but if I were receiving compensation by recommending this on my site, it would be . . . well, it would be tacky. :)

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