Men ... You've Got to Love them!

Husband Jerry and I were watching a football game and a commercial came on.  The man in the little box said as clearly as anyone says anything, “Men think about women every 5.3 seconds,” and then he went on to advertise soap.

Men think about women every 5.3 seconds?  Well!  I looked over at Jerry.  He was just staring at the set, so I asked, “Do you do that?”

Every woman of any age knows what he said when he turned to look at me.  “Do what?”

“What the man just said on television. You’re looking right at it.”

“Well, honey, I’ll be real honest with you,” he said.  “I was looking at the TV, I guess, but I wasn’t paying attention to it.  The reason there’s a timeout is that it’s fourth down and three to go and the coach has to either go for the first down or kick a field goal and go for an onside kick.  Time’s running out.  I’m just sitting here trying to figure out what the coach ought to do.”

“Oh.”  (One thousand one, one thousand two, 3, 4, 5 point 3.)  “So you’re not thinking about women?”

“I am thinking about winning.  I think he ought to go for it.”

Reprinted with permission from Alamance Magazine.
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