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Here's To You, Mrs. Robertson…

"Robertson spoke with a Southern drawl to make Andy Griffith or Jerry Clower proud and had the audience hanging on every
word and laughing at every other word.  By the end they rose
en masse to show their thanks with applause."                 

    Al Carson, Editor, The Oxford Public Ledger, January 07

Inspiring attendees while entertaining them is a tall order, so that's why, for a fifth time; we've called on you for the task.  You are truly one-of-a-kind in the speaking industry (and entertainment industry for that matter.)  In my 23 years of hiring many excellent professional speakers and humorists, no one can equal your unique comedic sense and subtleties.  To put it simply, they loved you!   Once again, bravo for another bravura performance!  
   Dan Maddux, Executive Director  
   American Payroll Association
   Meeting Planner of the Year 2001"
        - Awarded by National Speakers Association

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I haven't laughed so hard in years
You're wonderfully funny and kept the entire audience captivated with your wit.  I laughed so much my side hurt - you are truly a treasure!!
Kathleen, Bayonne, NJ, Admin Conference, San Antonio, 10/08

Enough already! My phone is ringing off the hook and I can't get anything done because people keep calling to say they loved you - did you have to be that good!
   Jennifer Sherrell
   Minit Mart Foods, Inc

My sister and I enjoy Jeanne so much. We laughed until we had tears running down our faces.  She is good clean, happy humor in its best form. 
   Sarah Newton, from Southern Lady Magazine Celebration

The challenge that day was our audience mixture - all ages, all professions- from high school students, teachers, auto dealers and general managers, and the media. But, all of us could relate to your message - what we need in our daily lives is humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves. I was laughing so hard; the tears were running down my face.
   Barbara A. Miller, EVP
   Central Florida Auto Dealers Association, Inc.

What a great show.  We never laughed so hard.  Jeanne added at least five more years to our lives!!
   Carolyn and Hal King, Virginia
   Audience members at one of Jeanne's shows with Carl Hurley

Our empolyees working in our hospital face extremely stressful situations daily.  For one delightful night, Jeanne helped all of us focus on the lighter side of life.  
   Lynne Gallimore
   Wilson Medical Center, Wilson, NC

I came to learn and to network about real estate and ended up networking about Jeanne.  Her presentation was the topic of conversation at dinner, after dinner, at breakfast and at the airport.  I have not laughed as much and as hard in years.
   Judy James
   Santa Rosa, California

Kudos to you Jeanne for being the best speaker we have had in Dorchester District Two for a welcome back rally!
   Christie Bailey
   Summerville, SC

We have had many speakers at our banquets, but you are by far the most entertaining with your special brand of humor. Spectacular is an understatement!
   Mattie B. Kemp, Ex. Dir. Franklin County
   Chamber of Commerce, Louisburg, NC 

You did it again! We're still getting raves about your presentation at our national conference.
   Jodi Schirling, CMSC
   Conf. Chair, Nat'l Assn. Of Medical Staff Services

I'd wager you never leave the stage wondering if you did a good job, given the loud and long applause that surely must follow all your presentations.
   Mary Alice Hummel
   VP, Education, North Carolina Hospital Association 

To say that our guys and gals were blown out of the water by your speech would be putting it mildly!
   Buster Simmons
   Reunion Chair, 30th Infantry Division Association

ou ruined my make-up.  I laughed so hard I cried and it all ran down my face.
   Margaret Nuss, Lifespan/PANPHA conference attendee

I first saw Jeanne Robertson in the lobby of the Prince George after she checked in -- I thought that lady is tall but very pretty!  Little did I know that I was going to see her again  -- on stage!  She was wonderful.  I never laughed so hard in my life (more that Victor Borge); she made you feel great about laughing.  I still feel happy and that was August 9 and today is August 14. 
   Rose Milligan, Telecom Pioneers Annual Meeting, Nova Scotia

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