Jeanne Robertson "Looking for Humor"

Jeanne Robertson has made a career of Looking for Humor and finding it. When she was thrust into speaking after competing in the Miss “Amorica” Pageant (waaay back in the last millennium) she quickly discovered that she could make people laugh and loved doing so. What people seemed to enjoy most were true stories from her experiences; the funny side of what she lived every day. Audiences connected because the same type of “stuff” happened to them.

Decades later, she’s still making people laugh but on a grander scale. From convention speeches to millions of Youtube views ... from SiriusXM’s Family Comedy Channels to her hilarious, one-woman theater shows ... from iTunes to her now seven recorded programs, she keeps audiences laughing with her special brand of humor.

On this DVD/CD, you’ll meet Jeanne’s sister Katherine and Lola & Hank from CA. You’ll also hear the latest stories about the regular cast of characters you’ve grown to love: Toni, Norma Rose, Beaver, Dayna, Jane Tucker (NYC!) and, of course, husband Jerry, aka “Left Brain.” Jeanne appreciates these friends and all who give her permission to tell the funny things she sees happen to them when she’s Looking for Humor.
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