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Funny vs."Meat & Potatoes"

The percentage of "humor with a point" vs."meat and potatoes" in Jeanne's speeches is determined by what you need and the slot in which you book her to speak.  At meal functions, for example, she is usually asked to deliver a slight message, tie into the theme of the event, if there is one, and send the audience out on a high.  For keynotes, she is just as funny but places more emphasis on her points and setting the tone for the meeting.  Once in a while, meeting planners even say, "We don't want a big message.  Our people just need to laugh."  Jeanne will be happy to make sure they do.  And, quite honestly, for sessions where the meeting planner wants information-packed, high-content programs, we recommend that you select another speaker and call us when you need what Jeanne is known for delivering:  humor with a message. 
Whether booked for keynotes, meal events, spouse programs or concurrent sessions, Jeanne always talks to the meeting planner to make sure she delivers what is expected.  Her goal is to have people raving about what an excellent choice the meeting planner made.  We don't want Jeanne in the wrong place any more than you want the wrong speaker.

 If you would like more information or to book Jeanne, call Toni at 1- 800- 962- 6268 or use our online form.
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