The Customer is Always Right. Sometimes.

The first rule in business? The most often heard response to that question might be that the customer is always right. And then there are times. . . .

I asked a flight attendant to tell me something funny she had seen on a flight but she answered that she couldn't think of anything. Her next words were, “Not a lot of humor with the flying public these days.” Was she kidding? I watch the flying public constantly to find funny speech material and they never let me down. Within minutes, though, she returned grinning from ear to ear. She had “rethunk” and yes, something funny had happened one time that might be interest.

During boarding for a cross country flight, a woman came on the plane who was demanding and obviously angry about something. She was seated in first class, but nothing suited her. With each complaint, she hit her loud, irritating flight attendant call button. Ding! There wasn’t enough overhead space. Please find a place for her luggage. Ding! She didn’t get the seat she wanted. What could be done about it? Ding! Ding! Ding! The plane was too hot. Have the captain turn down the heat. Passengers were staring, rolling their eyes at each other. A few were chuckling. The flight attendants were taking turns waiting on her and the plane hadn't even left the ground.

When they were finally in the air and half way across the country, dinner was served. It consisted of a salad, a piece of chicken and a baked potato wrapped in aluminum foil. Before the flight attendant could return to the galley, the woman pushed the button yet again - DING! - and pronounced to the flight attendant and everyone else within earshot, “This is a BAD potato.”

The attendant picked up the potato and spanked it three times. "BAD, BAD, BAD potato!" and put it back down.

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