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My longtime administrative professional Toni arranged for me to speak at a statewide meeting of her sorority held on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She went with me that afternoon, as did a carload of women from Burlington who were alumnae of that group. Toni and I went to Auburn University, but our friends attended UNC. They were proudly showing us around their old sorority house when we came to a hall lined with "composites" - large frames which contain individual pictures of the sisters of a sorority who were in school during each particular year.

We began to search for a friendís photo who could not come that day, but had graduated from Carolina and was a member of that sorority. As we peered from picture to picture, an undergraduate came bouncing down the hall and asked if she could help. We explained what we were doing and told her our friend's maiden name. She glanced at the numerous pictures and asked, "Do you know when she graduated?"

"Not exactly," I replied, "but she's my age."

Her response was a little too quick for me. "She'd be in the attic."

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