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Well, it just gets easier and easier. Here's how it goes. 
  • Letter of confirmation.  After you confirm that you want to book Jeanne to speak at your meeting, Toni will send you two copies of our Letter of Confirmation. It is a one page letter that states in simple terms that Jeanne will speak where, when, etc. The letter is your confirmation.  You sign one copy and return it to us.  That is our verification from you that we've all agreed on the major items such as date, fee, place, etc.      

    If you have your own forms and contracts for speakers, it is not a problem. Assuming your forms have the same information we have, we'll be happy to also sign your forms.

  • Promoting your event. You should have received plenty of publicity "stuff" when you first inquired about Jeanne but if you cannot find what you need on this site and need for us to send you something, we will be happy to help get what you need.  Photos can also be downloaded and/or printed right from this web site.
    Click here for the photo/images download page
    Click here for blurbs for promos
    Click here for stories for your website
    Click here to print a one page info sheet

    To help you promote your event or generate excitement about the speaker, feel free to link your web site to Jeanne's. Send Toni an Email including your name and URL.
    (website address.)

Jeanne is available via telephone for media interviews before your event. Just contact Toni to arrange a time.  You are welcome to use blurbs from Jeanne's video or CDROM to promote your event.

  • Logistics.  Jeanne does not use a lectern but does need a handheld microphone.  Cordless if possible.  She likes to be near her audience and prefers that the room lights be turned up.  She also knows that as an invited guest speaker, she is one part of the overall plan and will work within the setup available.
  • Expenses.  Jeanne's travel expenses are included in her fee. We ask only that you put her lodging on your account. She pays for everything else. We book all travel. Several weeks before the speech date, Toni will send you a final Speaker's Checklist that outlines Jeanne's travel plans. She will also send a short introduction for you to use or you can print that now.  You are also welcome to write your own introduction but we ask that if you do, you'll keep it short.  Thanks.
  • Final Plans.  Jeanne will call you before the speech to go over details and make sure she is set to do what you need her to do.
  • That's it!  The speech date nears.  You have a letter of confirmation from us, you have talked to Jeanne about your goals for her speech and you have publicity materials, logistic information and an introduction. 

Your audience is in for a treat!  If you need more information or have a question about your booking, call Toni at 1- 800- 962- 6268.

1-800-962-6268   1-336-584-9641  or
Burlington, NC 27215
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